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Very welcome to A.T.i. Software GmbH – your test house for testing software and hardware solutions.

We offer the development of test programs for in-circuit, boundary-scan and functional tests.As special offer, we develop IN-System programmings with a very high performance and a lot more for electrical testing of electronic boards.

Our services comprise consulting, the development of an optimum test concept, the concept development of required test devices (fixtures), the delivery of the solution, system start-up and support at your location.

According to our principle:

„Quality from the very beginning“

we deliver ready-for-use ATE solutions for manufacturing electronic components.

In-Circuit-Test (ICT)

The In-Circuit Test (ICT) is still the most widely used test procedure for testing electronic boards.

During an ICT, analogous components (resistance, capacity, inductivity, diodes, transistors etc.) as well as complex digital components can be tested.The In-Circuit-Test allows a very short test time (= high throughput of components) compared to other test procedures (e.g Flying Probe) while being able to cover most parts of a test.

No two tests are the same

A.T.i provides a large variety of tools and options around ICT.

  • Connection to databases for traceability solutions
  • Time optimization – test of high volume boards, panel test
  • Handling of variants and much more …
  • We develop and debug test programs on our internal systems.
  • We provide ready-for-use solutions for our customers. Initiation within the manufacturing process is done rapidly avoiding long downtimes in production.

Performance increase within ICT by integrating

  • In-System Programming (ISP)
  • Boundary Scan Test (BST)
  • Function Test (FKT)

A.T.i. is a Selected Member of the TSN Network since 2002.

Experience is our greatest asset

In-Circuit-Test (ICT) | München

In-System Programming (ISP)

Today, modern assemblies usually require on-board programming. In-system programming (ISP) offers the ideal solution for optimizing processes in ongoing electronics production.

We at A.T.i. have developed a very powerful software for ISP programming on Incircuit Test Systems. (*)

  • Short time to market
  • direct programming on the ICT test adapter
  • no additional HW (programming stations and programming adapters)
  • no assembly of components with not current software revision
  • only the currently required number of components is programmed
  • Adjustment and manufacturing parameters (traceability) are programmed directly
  • Cost effective , no further handling
  • Programming of many uP and uC devices
  • Writing of Eeprom, Flash
  • Programming via interfaces I2C, SPI, Bootloader, BDM,JTAG etc.
  • Programming up to 64 Bit width , therefore also parallel programming in complete use !!!
  • Programming of fixed and variable data, (serial numbers) also in the panel.
  • Already more than 100 models realized among others ATMEGAx, PICx, MSPxx, STMx, panel sizes e.g. 8-,16-,25-,32- and 63-fold
  • Extremely short programming times - e.g. 24x panel in < 10 seconds !

In-System Programming (ISP) | München

Programming Examples

  • MC9SS08AW32 (32KB) Erase/program/verify 3.1 Sec
  • MC9S12XEG128 (128+32KB) Erase/program/verify 5.9 Sec
  • R5F10AGF(96+4KB) Erase/program/verify 13 Sec
  • TMS320F2808 (128+1KB) Erase/program/verify ca. 8-11 Sec, with empty Flash 4,5
  • SPC560B50(512+64+16KB) Erase/program/verify 9 Sec, with empty Flash 5,5
  • (*) For Teradyne test systems GR228x , TS-LH1xx ,TS1xx, ,TS-TSR,TS-DUO

Depending on the devices to be programmed, up to 128 identical devices can be programmed simultaneously using the first two methods (utility programming). It is also possible to write variable data, such as individual serial numbers.


  • With our customized in-system programming solutions (ISP), a wide variety of memory and microcontroller devices can be programmed very efficiently. Due to the parallel programming in the benefit, the programming and thus test time is significantly minimized.
  • Depending on the programming interface, optimized procedures are used, for example, special load programs to transfer data faster.Through additional hardware (programming modules) developed by us, even asynchronous communication protocols can be parallelized.
  • In close exchange with the customer, we create project-specific solutions to individual production data such as serial numbers to previously defined.Memory addresses to program.

For documentation, we create a program declaration of conformity, in which essential parameters and also the manufacturer documents used.

The example shown in the video shows the programming of a microcontroller with 64KBytes Flash and serial programming interface.The total time for ID check (checking if the correct type has been populated), erasing, programming and verification is 11 seconds. With the board size of 13 boards, this results in an effective programming time of less than one second per board!

Knowhow to achieve highest performance

Boundary-Scan-Test (BST)

The Boundary-Scan Test allows to test electronic boards even if there is reduced access to the printed circuit board.

In a very simple case, the BST of a board may be performed via plug connectors. Digital components require an JTAG port.Compared to ICT, the BST needs longer test periods and testing analogous components is not possible.

The BST ideally supplements the ICT to be able to test parts of a circuit which cannot be contacted.

A.T.i. also provides a large scope of variants and application possibilities within BST.


  • Infrastructure test and interconnection test
  • Memory tests
  • Cluster tests
  • Development of BST with Göpel CASCON SW as standalone solution
  • Integration of BST into the ICT procedure, integration into the ICT adaptation
  • Use of CEV vectors – BST on In-Circuit test systems can be realized without additional software and hardware – a very cost-saving solution!

A.T.i is member of the Göpel Gate Programm since 2009

Boundary-Scan-Test (BST) | München

AST (Active Scan test)

The component test with active scan test AST(*) is comparable in function to the Boundary Scan Test (BST) according to IEEE 1149.1. The AST can be used with microcontrollers that do not have internal BST logic. The AST is a purely SW-based solution.

The test spectrum of the AST includes:

  • Short circuits, e.g. solder bridges)
  • Interruptions, e.g. with jumpers
  • Digital logic
  • Indirect measurement of crystals/resonators

(*) The test method Active-Scan-Test is a development of the A.T.i. Software GmbH.

Versatility is our strength

Functional Test (FKT)

Functional test or Function Test (FKT) is called a test of a board which includes the parameters specified by the development.

Developing an FKT requires great know-how by the test engineers. High-qualified staff is also required to perform diagnosis and repair measurements for a board.

A.T.i also provides a lot of competence and experience even in the FKT field:

  • functional test as ADD-ON for the In-Circuit test
  • standalone solutions such as Labview as customer-specific PC solution
  • testing opto-electrical components
  • combination with Boundary-Scan Test

A lot of competence for your success

Boundary-Scan-Test (BST) | München

Test fixtures

The test fixture establishes the connection between the board to be tested (UUT) and the test system (Test Interface).

A test fixture must fulfill high demands:

  • reliable contacting even in case of large quantities
  • high mechanical precision to securely contact even small test points

There are different types of test fixtures such as:

  • vacuum fixture
  • mechanical fixture
  • inline fixture
  • single-side/dual-side contacting
  • single shell/clamp shell fixture

When developing the test concept important decisions are made to design the test fixture such as:

  • vacuum fixture or inline fixture
  • which test procedure is used on the adaptation: ICT / ISP / BST / FKT

The following data are prepared for constructing the fixture:

  • Drilling and wiring data
  • Required special wiring twisted pair, coaxial etc.
  • Required additional hardware
  • We purchase our adapters from our competent and reliable partners
  • Adapter commissioning and debugging is done at A.T.i.

Further services

We support you in your projects by:

  • individual special training in all aspects of testing
  • support via phone
  • training of staff
  • debugging support to reduce load from your own test systems
  • help and support at your location in case there is a strain on human resources due to vacation or illness of staff

Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to support you in finding solutions and to help you as competent and reliable partner.

Flexibility from which our customers profit